Faculty & Leadership

School Staff | 學校職員

School Principal 校長: Mitchell Hung 洪一修

Registration 註冊: Jocelyn Hsu 許玉旻

Cashier 出納: Christine Tsai 蔡毓芝

Teachers | 教師

Doris Wang 王逸君  CY

Teacher Doris, originally from Taipei, Taiwan has resided in Denver since 2017. She is a mom to two very active bilingual boys. She has acted as a substitute teacher for the last year for the Colorado Language School and has an extensive education experience.

Teaching experience:





Teacher Ciara was born and raised in Changhua, Taiwan. She has dedicated more than a decade teaching language to both English and Mandarin learners. Utilizing bilingual philosophies, she successfully owned and operated an English consultancy business by the name of Yada Language Consultants for more than 5 years. Being a mother of two bilingual children, she loves the idea of international language learning and would like to contribute to her recently joined Colorado community. 

Teaching experience:


Ciara Chang 張雅鈞  CS/C1/WI Instructor

Mary Lee 邢韻  C2/C4

Teacher Mary has been working in Colorado Chinese Language School since 2013. It has been almost 10 years with CCLS, and we truly appreciated Mary's dedication to the CCLS. Mary has two daughters who both joined CCLS when they were young. Looks like we will be celebrating teacher Mary's 10th anniversary with CCLS very soon!   

Teacher Vickie has extensive Chinese teaching experience in Northern California, her experience including:



Vickie Ma 馬維琪  C6/C8

Violet Ting   OI/OA

Teacher Violet graduated from Western Michigan University with her Master degree of Teaching Chinese as Second Language. She has many years of teaching experience including:



Dr. Joshua Wang has 20 years of experience in teaching creative thinking.  He has dedicated his expertise to developing an efficient methodology that enables non-Chinese speakers to effortlessly enhance their abilities in reading, writing, listening, and speaking. Throughout his career, he has been associated with esteemed institutions like:


With his vast experience and innovative teaching methods, Dr. Wang continues to make a significant impact on students' language development.

Joshua Wang 王永銘  TS1/TS2

Board of Director | 理事會

Board President 理事長:  Lily Shen 高月里

Board Vice-President 副理事長:  Mae Chung 呂碧瑩

Secretary 秘書: Jocelyn Hsu 許玉旻

Treasurer 財務: Christine Tsai 蔡毓芝

Promotion and Marketing Team 公關: Lily Shen 高月里

Accounting 會計師: Chin-Chien Wu 吳金諓

Activity Coordination Team 活動組: Melissa Weng 翁妙鳳

Fundraising Team 募款組: Lily Shen 高月里

Auditor 稽核: Tom Yeh 葉倍秀