In the upcoming 2022-2023 school year, Colorado Chinese Language School is honored to establish a brand new adult focused Mandarin education program called Taiwan Center for Mandarin Learning (TCML). This program is in conjunction with support from Overseas Community Affairs Council in Taiwan. As result, CCLS will allocate all adult learning classes under TCML and will be delivering the courses through online module exclusively this year. CCLS also made some adjustments for our in person classes this year as well, please take a moment browsing the classes below. 

承蒙僑委會的邀請,科州中文學校很榮幸的將在今年的新學期裡成立科州第一家台灣華語文學習中心。 華語文中心是一個以成人教學為主,希望以各種台灣文化以及經驗來引發大家學習華語的興趣。本中心課程以線上教學為主,開班人數則因各個不同的主題班級而有異。中文學校也稍微調整了現有的實體課班別,希望各位家長朋友們詳讀以下招生簡章。

Classes | 班別

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